If your business IS your website . . . you need a dev shop.

You probably need a full staff of developers, designers, product people, and of course, to wrangle everyone on your behalf, an account manager. There are many good shops out there . . . be the boss and ask ruthless questions. Ask to see sites they've made that do exactly what you need done. Ask which technologies they rely on, the platforms they use, and for a demo of how you or your team can manage the site when they are done. If you go partway down that road and want a gut check before you pull the trigger, I’m happy to look at your options and tell you what I see. Either way, good luck :-)


If your business HAS a website . . . I can help.

I recommend keeping it simple. I recommend building with tools you and your team can manage without a lot of technical know-how. The less beholden you are to a contractor, the more in control of your business you are. And that's a good thing.


I belong to Circle.

It's a community of creative professionals, experts at building websites on Squarespace like this, thisthis and this.

I've worked with the major content management systems (Squarespace, WordPress, WebFlow, Drupal, Joomla), and remember, I'm tactic agnostic.

With all that experience, I'm happy to put a stake in the ground with Squarespace. I find it a fantastic platform that meets a lot of needs. (Ask me to start your Squarespace site and you'll automatically get the standard 14-day trial period extended to 6 months, 20% off your first annual purchase and early access to Squarespace's new features.) Squarespace may not be right for you, and I won't recommend it if that's the case. But the truth is so few businesses really need sites that cost tens of thousands and take months to build. Even if you’re interested in the perks and not in my help, that’s fine; just ask.

In weeks (not months) and for way less than you’d imagine, I make simple, on-brand websites that capture leads and grow business.

And I do it with almost no code so anyone can keep it up.


My work speaks for itself . . .

But when people talk about it, here's what they say:

Some folks give off this compelling force, and you just know they will do great things in life. Nat is one of those people. Recently I hired him to build my website on Squarespace, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turned out. Nat sees the big picture and offers brand strategy, while also excelling at the tiniest details. In his consulting and creation of my website, his talented eye made sure the experience flowed for visitors who came my way. I’ve already had several compliments on my site, and haven’t even had a big launch for it yet! I’m thrilled to know him, and can vouch that Nat’s work is worth every penny.
— Crystalee Beck
Nat is professional, reliable, and skilled. He gave my website a much-needed upgrade on time and on budget. Recommend!
— Tabitha Lord


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