So . . .

You have a Squarespace site now.


This post is about the basics of Indexes and Pages, which apply to several templates, but this is specifically about ANYA.

If you like full-width images, you DEFINITELY need to understand this.


the tl;dr

Each PAGE gets ONE full-width image.

If you want multiple full-width images on a single scrolling PAGE, you need an INDEX.

An INDEX strings a bunch of pages together in one.


Check out this long, beautiful webpage!!

How many full-width images are there here? Four!

Count 'em!

Try to add all these full-width images to a page.

If you don't know a thing about indexes ... it WON'T WORK!

So how DOES it work?


scroll down to keep reading . . .



That's how.

You see, that long home page . . .

While it acts as one page to visitors, it's actually FOUR pages inside the Squarespace backend!


n o w  y o u  k n o w . . . 


How do you add or change the full-width images?

Whether you're working with a page nested in an index or a page all on its own, the process is the same.

Roll over the image and click


You can also click


to open the Page properties, and then switch to the tab called


Once you're here, click the pencil icon to alter the current image. Or to start over with a new image, click the trash can (which deletes whatever you see) and then upload another.


And guess what?!

You can even have VIDEO in your banner space!

In the second row, click


You'll need to choose a static image for backup because right most mobile devices won't show a background video.


If you select NO media . . . 

The banner space will default to whatever is in your style settings ... white, black, gray, a transparent overlay, etc. For non-primary pages, this is typically O.K.




Tap the

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