You'll probably want to get an email whenever someone fills out a form on your site.

Not all forms, but definitely the forms on pages like


To get email alerts, you can:

  1. Have Google send you an email whenever the sheet collecting your forms is updated
  2. Have Squarespace send you an email whenever a form is submitted

[ Option 1 ]  Set up email alerts from Google.

(A) Log into Google Drive with the account at which you want the alerts to be sent.

(B) Find the sheet in your Drive, probably viewable in your Shared With Me folder, and open it.

To verify you have the right sheet open, the column headers will match the field labels on your sheet.



(C) Go to:

Tools >> Notification rules...


(D) Choose your notification settings. I suggest:

"A user submits a form" + "Email - right away"


(E) Click



. . . and that's it.

[ Option 2 ]  Setup email alerts from Squarespace.

To get email alerts from Squarespace, which look like this . . .


. . . you'll need to do that from your individual Squarespace account.

Notice: the Squarespace email has the ENTIRE contents of the form as well as the person's responses. Google's email is simply a notification; you need to click the email's link and open the sheet to view the submitted info.

FYI, when I'm logged into my Squarespace account, I can only have alerts sent to my email. I can't set up your email alerts for you unless you give me your Squarespace login credentials.


Here's how to set up email alerts from Squarespace:

(A) Login to Squarespace.

(B) Select the website that has the form we're working with.



(C) In the left rail, click



(D) Then click the title of page with the form we're working with.



(E) Hover over the form until the "Page Content" bar appears, and click



(F) Hover over the form until the "Form" bar appears, and again click


(G) In the "EDIT FORM" window that opens, click the middle tab labeled



(H) Then write your email into "Email Address" field, and click



. . . and that's it.



Tap the

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