I write ril good.

It is not wise to violate rules until you know how to observe them.
–T.S. Eliot

You can take all that to mean I'm comfortable with the rules of writing, and that I'd rather not toot my own horn about it and so instead I broke a rule to look like a bad writer. ⇐ see, breaking even more rules here

My mother is a copyeditor. And spared me no red ink from her editing pen, ever.

Also, the soundtrack of my formative years was NPR.

And you'd never see People or GQ in my parent's home, but you would find TIME, Scientific American and Popular Science.

A Few Places My Words Have Appeared

  • 'About' sections of global pharmaceutical companies and major biotechs

  • As the event title and annual themes for a company's 3-day conference

  • Event marketing collateral for HITLAB Innovators Summit

  • Facebook ads for Michael Smart PR

  • Cultural values of Stratus Solutions

  • Nanotech verticals and Slashdot

  • A whitepaper for AARP

  • The Hearst Awards

  • The Daily Universe

  • The Loveumentary

  • BYU News

  • My blog

  • Dozens of landing pages

  • Hundreds of email drip campaigns

  • Thousands of tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram captions

  • A growing list of entire websites:

    • www.balancedartmultisport.com

    • www.everydaymissionaries.org

    • www.explorewhatmatters.com

    • www.intermountaintri.com

    • www.stratussolutions.com

    • www.crystaleebeck.com

    • www.tabithalord.com

    • www.3point8.org

    • www.dhbn.nyc